Shipping Policy

We value your business and appreciate you choosing Card Vault USA. As we get further into the holiday season, it is typical for there to be delays in shipping/tracking information. We’ve had instances where tracking has not been updated until the package is delivered by a mail carrier to its destination. We do our absolute best in fulfilling orders in a timely manner. Our normally handling time is 1-3 days, which does not mean it will be to you in two days. It means that the mail carrier typically picks up the package within 1-3 days of an order being placed. If you select First Class Shipping (which typically takes 3 days), that means there may be 1-3 days of us packing your order/waiting for the mail carrier to pick up your order. Then there’s the handling of the package by the mail carrier, which is the shipping time it takes to get your package. That means it could take 6 days for your order to arrive. The only way to guarantee delivery on a specific day is choosing Next Day Shipping at checkout.
We’re not Amazon, we’re two dudes that work our butts off. If you’re patient with us, we’ll be patient with you.
Shoot us an email at with any questions related to your order.
Once a package has left our shop, there isn’t a lot we can do until the tracking information updates. If a package has been marked as delivered, but you did not receive your package, please follow these steps:
-Check with your neighbors to see if it was dropped off at their home by mistake. If you live somewhere that has a lobby or mail room, we would also advise checking with the attendant to see if it was dropped off with them.
-If your neighbors don’t have your package, please call your local post office/UPS/FedEx facility with the tracking number associated with your order. They may have it at their facility.
-If your local mail carrier does not have your package, we would advise opening a help request for finding your package. Typically this takes 7 business days.
-If after opening a help request there is still no resolution, we’d advise opening a missing mail search.
-We have dealt with mail fraud/theft in the past which has involved filing a police report for the fraud/theft. If you think your package may have been stolen, we would advise filing a police report with your local law enforcement.
USPS requires 30 days to pass from the original order date before any sort of refunds can be issued so there is a chance that there may not be any immediate recourse.
We hope this helps in clarifying any issues or frustrations you may experience.
Thanks for choosing Card Vault USA!