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Introducing the Card Vault USA Lockable Carrying Case, the perfect solution to store, protect, and transport your graded sports cards. Measuring 13"x10"x7" in dimensions, this black robust case provides enough space to hold up to 100 standard graded PSA slabs or 500 toploaders, making it one of the most spacious cases on the market.

The Card Vault USA Lockable Carrying Case is compatible with PSA, BGS, SGC, CSG or GMA graded cards. The case is water-resistant, ensuring that your cards will remain in perfect condition when transported in any weather condition.

The case comes with a secure locking mechanism that ensures your valuable collection remains safe and secure. Aside from being lockable, the case has reinforced corners that protect your cards from accidental knocks or damage.

The case interior is lined with soft foam cushions that provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the cards remain scratch-free and in their pristine condition. The foam cushioning also reduces vibrations that the cards might experience when on the move.

In brief, the Card Vault USA Lockable Carrying Case is the ideal accessory for collectors who want nothing but the best for their valuable sports card collection. This case guarantees that your cards stay safe and secure when transporting or storing them, while its spacious and protective design gives you peace of mind that your cards will remain in their pristine condition.